Member Benefits.

Member Benefits

From the moment you purchase with SIRI you will become an Appreciate member. As a one of our privileged Appreciate members you will receive VIP access to exclusive rewards for future property purchases, the ability to share your benefits with family members, referral incentives, and the chance to purchase property prior to public release.

Priority Notifications

Receive priority notifications of new project developments and be first in line to purchase before the general public.

Shared Benefits

Share your benefits with friends and family members and give them exclusive access to new project developments and discounts.

VIP Networking

Exclusive invitation to project launches and seminars. Gain access to industry-leading networking events and keynote speakers.

Purchase Rewards

Receive a $5,000 Reward for your second purchase, and subsequent purchases made with SIRI Advisory Group.

Referral Rewards

Receive up to $2,000 Referral Reward each time a friend or family member (referred by you) purchases a property from SIRI Advisory Group.

Exclusive Support

Receive exclusive customer care and advisory support on settlements, future investments, and property management from the moment you join Appreciate.

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