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SIRI Development Management is a multidisciplinary development and project management firm providing a collaborative approach to residential development projects.

Multidisciplinary Development & Project Management Team

SIRI Development Management’s role in the land development process is to manage the numerous variables at each stage of the life cycle to ensure the projects always commands the interest and success it deserves.

SIRI Group provides a streamlined process which is tailored to the needs of our clients.


At project inception, SIRI Development Management will work with your team to develop early-stage master planning & design concepts, produce due diligence studies, site acquisition and create project financial feasibility studies.


SIRI Development Management will manage all aspects of the entitlement process, from coordinating pre-rezoning submissions through to collecting the development permit. We are experts at negotiating engineering and site-servicing agreements, managing permit applications, negotiating with councils and engaging all of the project stakeholders to maintain the unified project vision all while ensuring the project’s financial goals are kept in focus.


We will manage the design process to ensure the project documentation is produced to satisfy the vision, both in terms of financial goals and design, working continuously to manage the client’s risk at each stage of the process.


SIRI Development Management uses leading development and construction management platforms to streamline every process, so you can build with less risk and more certainty. We call stakeholders from developers, general contractors and sub-contractors with visibility


SIRI Development Management’s breadth of knowledge extends through to the selection of general contractors, sub-contractors, and consultants who can provide a standard of quality that equals the high standard of design. 

A full-service development firm with end-to-end solutions for every project.

Our Solutions

Fund Management

Site Due Diligence Project Feasibility

Project Development Management​

Design Development Approval Management

Project Management

  • Project brief preparation
  • Project planning and programming
  • Consultant team procurement
  • Facilitation of authority approvals/development approvals
  • Risk management
  • Cost control and value management
  • Head contractor procurement (including tender & award)
  • Contract preparation
  • Contract administration and superintendence
  • Management of contract completion, commissioning and handover
  • Defects coordination and close out reporting

Site Due Diligence Project Feasibility​

  • Site appraisal, procurement and acquisition
  • Strategic planning
  • Technical due diligence services
  • Review and investigation of
    development options
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Sales and marketing coordination

Fund Management

  • Capital raising
  • Take-out opportunities
  • Site acquisitions
  • Purchaser settlement management

Design Development Approval Management

  • Management of concept design through to construction drawings
  • Liaison with council and authorities

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